Better Magnetics Corp.

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     Wan Jia(Zhuhai) Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. On May 10, 2002 approved the establishment of the Zhuhai Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau. Registered capital of $ 2,000,000, Zhuhai is a leader in the new energy industry, the main production and sales of amorphous magnetic materials, coils, transformers, power supply, solar wind hybrid power management equipment, plastic and metal products, related to LED lighting processing of lighting products, all kinds of printed circuit board accessories, electronic toys and accessories, wireless electronic tags (RFID) reader devices and its related components. 
     The company set the development, production, sales, and provide integrated solutions to provide customers with energy conservation programs, new energy LED lights and landscape lighting system, new energy supply system, a variety of new energy systems intelligent management background, new integrated energy system lightning protection solutions for a variety of new energy system battery management solutions and other renewable energy solutions.